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Future History Exhibition Includes East London Printers!

Gagoosian Gallery W1 Future history feat Virgil Abloah & Takashi Murakami was an awesome event,  East London Printers are often chosen for corporate events to print their Bespoke garments on site. . A recent event that also included us was the Future History Exhibition. Curious about the Future History Exhibition? Or would you like to know more about the role of East London printers at the event? Find out by reading the information below!


What Is the Future History Exhibition?

The Future History Exhibition is a contemporary art exhibition, during which the works of Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh are displayed. Since the exhibition coincides with the 2018 London Fashion Week, and the fact it includes two world-famous artists, the Future History Exhibition is one of the biggest contemporary art exhibitions of the year.

Art lovers who witnessed the works of Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh will have noticed many different influences. Takashi Murakami gets his inspiration from traditional Japanese painting techniques and the Otaku subculture to hip hop and Hollywood. Artist Virgil Abloh gets his inspiration from various sources too; this includes current-day architecture, fashion, and even consumer products!

Who Is Takashi Murakami?

Takashi Murakami is a well-known Japanese contemporary artist. His works are commonly found in the fine arts media; this includes paintings and sculptures!

One of the characteristics of his works is a blurred line between so-called high and low arts. Murakami even came up for a term for this “blurring of the lines”, calling is “superflat”. According to Takashi Murakami, “superflat” is a combination of Japanese art tradition and the post-war Japanese culture. Therefore, the term “superflat” is also commonly used by art lovers to refer to Works of Takashi Murakami.

In addition to being a successful artist, Takashi Murakami is also a found and president of an organisation called Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. Through this organisation, Murakami manages various young artists, who show great promise in the world of art.

Murakami also made a name for himself in the fashion world, since he had a long-lasting collaboration with fashion brand Louis Vuitton. So, if you own several Louis Vuitton handbags, it is likely it will feature one of the designs of Takashi Murakami!

Who Is Virgil Abloh?

Like Takashi Murakami, Virgil Abloh is quite a versatile artist. Abloh is an American creative designer, DJ, and even a co-founder of a well-known fashion label called Off-White.

As an American artist, Virgil Abloh has enjoyed much international success. Firstly, he was the art director for the Jay-Z and Kayne West Album Watch the Throne. For this work, he was also nominated for a Grammy Award, more specifically the Grammy Award for Best Recording Package. At one point, Abloh and Kanye even interned together at Fendi Roma.

Virgil Abloh received education as an architect and an engineer; this has provided him with extensive experience in fashion, architecture, performance, and consumer products. To create his artworks, Virgil Abloh often deconstructs aesthetic systems and their distribution, leading to the unique artwork he releases to the world.

What Can You Tell Me About the Collaboration Between Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh?

Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh worked together in Murakami’s studio in Tokyo. Together, they created various works together, with each artwork featuring their unique styles and trademarks.

Even though Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh are from two very different cultures, the artwork is a remarkable presentation of current-day culture. Naturally, these works have attracted a lot of attention by various art lovers across the globe.

What Did Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh Say About Their Works?

The perspective of an artist is unique; this is no surprise, considering the many elements that can inspire them. Here are some of the viewpoints of artists Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh, describing their take on contemporary artwork.

“We want to see the newest things. That is because we want to see the future, even if only momentarily. It is the moment in which, even if we don’t completely understand what we have glimpsed, we are nonetheless touched by it. This is what we have come to call art,” – Takashi Murakami.

“We are driven by an innate ambition to make art works that are shaped by societal observations – in a variety of media – which by their existence produce a new cultural impact.” – Virgil Abloh.

How Long Can I Admire the Contemporary Artworks of Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh at the Future History Exhibition?

The exclusive works of Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh have been on display since February 20 and will be available for viewing until April 7, 2018. The exhibition is taking place at the Gagoosian Gallery W1 in London and is easily accessible by public transport.


What Did East London Printers Do for the Future History Exhibition?

Abloh is known to release some limited hand-printed t-shirts from time to time again. Before the Future History Exhibition, Abloh released some this past fall from ComplexCon. Now, East London Printers works with both artists to print exclusive numbers on the VIP  limited-edition T-shirts that are a true collector’s item amongst art lovers. The unique designs of the limited-edition T-shirts were released on the Instagram accounts of Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh several weeks before the start of the Future History Exhibition.

East London Printers received a request to create limited-edition T-shirts for the event. The limited-edition T-shirts were for sale during the event, but also made available to VIP buyers, who collected the shirts on the day while their numbers were printed.

Artists have a unique viewpoint of everything that is offered during their event, so even the limited-edition T-shirts that would be provided during the Future History Exhibition had to meet certain criteria. By choosing East London Printers, event organisers could count on merchandise to match their event.

Can I Get a Preview of the Work by Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh Before Visiting the Art Exhibition?

Art lovers who would like a little preview of the works by Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh can find some examples on social media, since both Takashi Murakami and Virgil Abloh released some of their works in progress on their social media accounts. So, if you want to figure out if this art is right up your alley, be sure to check out some of the social media previews available on the Instagram account of both artists.

Why Do Many Companies and Big Event Organisers Choose East London Printers for Their Limited-Edition Merchandise?

Since every event or major company needs some memorable merchandise, it is important that this merchandise is of the finest quality. Fortunately, companies and even organisers can count on East London Printers, one of the leading printers in the United Kingdom.

East London Printers provides companies and event organisers with the opportunity to customise their merchandise to meet their needs. Customisation may include a custom print or slogan. These can be applied on a variety of garments and items, ensuring that each event obtains the best merchandise for their needs.

Of course, there are other reasons why many companies choose East London Printers for their merchandise and limited-edition items. Another reason why many businesses and event organisers choose our company is the affordability of our printing services and accompanying products. On our site, customers can get a combination of merchandise as well as the accompanying custom print; this makes East London Printers a one-stop shop for many businesses and event organisers in the United Kingdom.

East London Printers can also handle bulk orders over a short time period; this is another reason why many companies choose East London Printers for their biggest events. When you need merchandise, you need that merchandise to be on time and provide the quality to match your event. Fortunately, customers do not have to worry about that with East London Printers.

Is East London Printers Only Suitable for Big Companies and Event Organisers?

Even though East London Printers is commonly working with big companies and event organisers, it certainly does not mean that our company does not provide its services to individuals. In addition to providing limited-edition T-shirts for art exhibitions and jerseys for sports clubs, East London Printers can also provide novelty tees, printed garments, and other printed items for individuals.

To get a full overview of the products and services at East London Printers, we recommend taking a look at our extensive catalogue. As you may have deducted from our catalogue already, customers can count on East London Printers for various printing services and embroidery services, so we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

How Do I Get a Quote from East London Printers?

Getting a quote for your order is easy at East London Printers. On our website, customers can find the “Fast Quote Form”, which can be used by customers to receive an individual price estimate for their printing needs. Naturally, the fast quote form is not only suitable for individual customers, but also businesses and event organisers who need printing or embroidery services quickly.

On the fast printing quote, you can find many options that may apply to your project. However, before you enter what you need, it is important to fill in your name and contact details, so East London Printers can get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Once you entered your personal contact information, you can select the item type you are interested in; this may include T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, hoodies, mugs, button badges, running vests, and mixed items. If you cannot find what you need in the list, then you can select the other option, where you can enter the specific item you are looking for.

When filling in the fast quote form, be sure to also include the quantity of items you need. If you only need one, then simply add the number one in the estimated quantity section. If you need many items, be sure to include an accurate estimate of the number of printed items you need, since East London Printers provides some special deals on bulk orders that could apply to you.

Once you have entered the quantity, you can also include the artwork you wish to include on the item of your choice. For example, if you want to get some printed shirts from our store, then you can upload the artwork for that shirt on our fast quote form.

Of course, there are customers who may want some artwork for their shirts but are not that creative. In this case, you can always contact East London Printers for some assistance. Our team could provide you with some pre-made designs, which you can apply to a shirt or another item of your choice.

When you have uploaded your designs and provided us with the number of items you need, you can also set a deadline date. While the deadline date may not be as important for most individual customers, it can be incredibly important for businesses and event organisers who need printed or embroidered items to promote their business or event.

Customers who want to use the deadline date should take some extra factors into consideration. While East London Printers will have no problems meeting your deadline, we usually recommend setting your deadline date a couple of days before your actual deadline date. Organising and event can be quite time-consuming, so having your shirts ahead of time can save you a lot of unnecessary stress. You might even need to place an extra order; for example, when there is more interest in your event than first thought.

Where Can I Get Some Assistance for Printing and Embroidery Services?

At East London Printers, we provide help for our customers every step of the way. If this is your first time ordering merchandise or customised items for an event or for your business, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team for some assistance.

Please note that East London Printers does not only help businesses and event organisers, because individual customers may require assistance too. So, if you need help with your custom order, get in touch with our team!

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