Vinyl T Shirt Printing Colours

Vinyl t shirts Prints

Explore Our Color Chart for Custom T-Shirt Designs

Using vinyl for T-shirt printing not only reduces the cost on short runs but also offers a select palette from our dedicated color chart. Furthermore, unlike other printing methods, our vinyl options are tailored to provide vibrant and consistent colors as shown below:

Vinyl Colors for T-shirt Printing

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing, a versatile method, uses heat-applied materials to create designs on various substrates. Ideally, it customizes apparel and accessories with vivid and durable graphics, making it a favorite for both small projects and bulk orders.

Transfer Printing

Transfer printing, on the other hand, involves transferring designs from a paper carrier onto fabric or other materials using heat and pressure. Consequently, this technique is perfect for intricate designs on textiles, offering excellent color fidelity and design longevity.

Heat Transfers

Heat transfers, which involve applying pre-printed designs to a substrate using a heat press machine, provide a quick and effective way to decorate garments. This method allows for full-color images and fast production times, enhancing operational efficiency.

Heat Press Printing

Designs transfer onto materials through heat press printing by applying designs with both heat and pressure. This ensures high-quality outputs and is widely used for creating customized t-shirts, tote bags, hats, and more.

Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

Printable heat transfer vinyl allows creators to produce unique, custom designs using a standard inkjet or laser printer. This type of vinyl, which can be cut to shape and ironed onto almost any fabric, offers flexibility and endless creative possibilities.

T-Shirt Vinyl

T-shirt vinyl, specifically designed for fabric applications, is durable, easy to apply, and comes in a wide range of colors and finishes. It’s perfect for fashion and promotional clothing, standing out as an excellent choice for various projects.


Transfer-print technology enables the decoration of materials with detailed and vibrant designs using heat-sensitive inks. Importantly, this process is particularly useful for adding high-quality images to ceramic, glass, and metal items.

Vinyl Transfer

Vinyl transfer, a popular technique, involves cutting out designs from colored vinyl and then heat pressing them onto the desired medium. This method is widely used for applying letters and graphic designs to surfaces such as textiles and walls.

Heat Press Transfers

Specialized machines apply graphics to various items under controlled heat and pressure during heat press transfers. This method is highly efficient for mass production and can embed intricate multi-color designs into the fabric seamlessly.

Artwork Submission Guidelines

Please ensure your artwork complies with our submission guidelines to avoid amend charges and ensure timely delivery. Incorrectly submitted artwork may lead to print errors or delays.

Design Software Recommendations

We recommend creating your designs in professional design programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Acrobat to avoid undesirable outcomes. Office programs are not suitable for print-ready files.

File Format and Specifications

For optimal print quality, save your designs in appropriate file formats like PDF or EPS with a minimum 3mm bleed, 300 dpi resolution, and CMYK color format.