Supplying Your Own Garments

how to print your own t shirts

Supplying us with your own garments / DISCLAIMER:

All of the garments that we supply from our catalogue are print and embroidery ready unless stated otherwise.

 in the event of a misprint we will replace any viable defects with our nearest  stock.

If you choose to supply your own garments , You do so at your own risk!

East London Printers cannot be liable for damages  if you bring in your own garments and they do not withstand the decoration or handling process.

It is the customers responsibility to check with the garment manufacturer that your garment/s  are compatible for printing and embroidery

Although we do take great care to avoid wastage , 5-10% wastage must be allowed depending on the size of the run and you may be expected / requested to supply spares.

We will try to advise you when we suspect that your garment will not work, But in some cases it is impossible for us to tell that your garment will not take our decoration process

Supply Guidelines:

  1. Make sure that your garments are unpackaged and flat (no creases or seams)
  2. For screen printing , Your garments must not have an inner lining .
  3. It is your responsibility to check that your garment is compatible for printing or embroidery .
  4.  If Printing , Your garments must be heat resistant and be able to withstand 170 degrees.

If you supply YOU REPLACE,  If we supply WE REPLACE

Supplying spares

We may ask that you supplies with 1 to 5 extra garments as spares (depending on the size of your job)  And up to 5% more if your design is complex.

We cannot be made liable for any Losses or damages to your garments when you supply as some garments are simply not print or embroidery ready.:

East London Printers cannot be made liable or refund any costs for any losses or damages that should incur in the event of a misprinted or damaged garment in the decoration process.

We will however use our discretion to replace your garment with our nearest match  from our catalogue if we mis print .( Our discretion on this is final )