Continental Clothing

Continental Apparel is the pioneers of wholesale women’s fitted T-shirts in Europe, the “Continental Fit,” and they continue to blaze a trail in technology, design, and sustainability. They focus on developing premium quality, adeptly styled, and properly made garments for markets such as style retail, song merchandise, corporate promotions, and recreation.

The company has three distinct prize-winning brand names—Continental®, EarthPositive®, and Recover®—that are among the most updated empty garment brands worldwide.

Continental clothing

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We now offer stock all of the Continental Clothing range:

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One of Our Best Brands for Serving You Better

Yes! Just for you, we are well aware and give total care when it comes to quality and choosing the best brand to ensure maximum satisfaction for our customers. We have taken the right step and brought a good brand on board: “Continental Clothing.” 

Continental Clothing is one of our preferred brands for DTG printing and budding clothing labels to build their brand. But before further talk, it is necessary to rush through what DTG entails.

Best Service

Already, we have the best professionals willing to offer their best service, but how much will that do if there is no good brand at our disposal? That is exactly why we have chosen to combine efficient human, machine, and material factors to offer simply the best for our DTG printing. 

In a brief moment, we will be running through Continental Clothing and the benefits it has to offer.

High Quality

With Continental Clothing, it is pretty much easier to come across products of varying colors, as one of their principal strengths is purpose-filled manufacture, which provides extraordinarily high-quality products with quick time consideration and undiluted attention to every detail and personal service.

For over 10 years now, Continental Clothing has done extremely well in ‘Made to Order’ its custom garment manufacturing service. They set high principles of service, ranging from producing high-quality retail products in superior sustainable fabrics with ethical credentials to speed of manufacture.

Continental Clothing Since 1998

Since 1998, Continental Clothing has been manufacturing, designing, and distributing clothing to the garment decoration industry. Being the innovators of the Continental Fit, the wholesale women’s fitted T-shirt in Europe. They progressively pilot the way in design, innovation, and sustainability. 

Furthermore, they place a high focus on providing high-quality, skillfully styled, and sensibly manufactured garments for businesses such as music merchandise, fashion retail, leisure, and corporate promotions.

The Best for Our Customers

East London printers believe that, as customers, you have the right to high-quality materials, and that is the sole reason why we work relentlessly to produce you with the best result. Furthermore, sustainable manufacturing is the provision of manufactured products, and this is achieved through processes that are economically sound and lessen negative environmental effects while still preserving energy and available natural resources. We offer a wide range of services featuring custom headwear, specialized footwear, newly customizable attire, custom sportswear, etc.