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Business Wear and  Logo Stitch Clothing, Embroidery and T shirts printing Online.

ELE are a UK based clothing company providing clothing embroidery, logo embroidery, polo shirt embroidery and t shirt embroidery services.

Our people undertake all embroidery Work: Exactly what is Business wear embroidery?

Do I actually have to have my company logo stitch embroidered onto my knit pullover and t shirts?

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Clothing Company Logo Embroidery:

We are stationed in London and are experts in the world of corporate branding .

As a result, we can embroid most logos & maintain our own embroidery machines and silk screen printing presses in house since 1991.

We can create your clothing business logo while you wait and apply any logo onto your garments. Because we are experts in embroidery and screen Printing,  We do not miss  fine detail.

Embroidery logo stitch machines only create what the digitiser, (this is the Service who redraws your company logo into stitch ) We offer the best digitising at economical rates.



Clothing Company Logos

Your classic embroidery fabric company logo design is a left chest logo, followed by a larger in size print on the back of a chosen polo shirt or t shirt. Other fashionable items consist of baseball caps, fleece jackets, laptop bags and corporate shirts. All look excellent if time is taken when remaking your logos for embroidery or screen printing. As Professionals We have indeed taken the word customised and made it our own. Specialists in customized corporate clothing customized embroidery and customized screen printing.


Simple rules for corporate branding/embroidery and uniform custom logo printing when using embroidery shops.

1. Select your business uniform logo with its own embroidery/printing facility, why go to a middle man– We have our own in house embroidery shops and also screen printing machines.
2. Keep your logo simple — for embroidery purposes the number of colours is not an issue as you can have up to 6 if you chose embroidery. Whereas with screen printing you have to be careful as the set– up costs are per colour.
3. Small or gigantic designs? Big embroidery designs on the rear of polo shirts, jackets and fleece’s are aesthetically really powerful but could be expensive, consult With us for truly affordable rates. Scaled-down logos namely left chest or on the upper arms of polo shirts are very good ways of endorsing your company. For larger designs with fewer colours screen printing could be a superior option primarily on t shirts.

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Business Wear/ Embroidery Designs Shirts

4. Choose your Business Clothing/ Business wearFrom our catalogue,  Be practical in your choice of garments, Which type of  knit pullovers the very best option, t shirts are much cheaper but do they present the image my company wants to portray.
5. Cost– the big concern– Some company’s put company clothing way down the list of products to invest their money on. A polo shirt with an embroidery logo on not only gives your potential customer a visual image of who you are it additionally lets your employees know you expect them to be professional. Image is everything and we can help with that.
6. Get ahead of the competition– many people always look to the head so put a baseball cap with you customized embroidery business logo on it.