How to Design your Own T-shirt Online with Us

design your own t-shirt online

Creating your own T-shirt with us is simple! East London Printers make our online designer very user friendly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to design your own t-shirt online using our Product Designer:

1. Accessing the Product Designer:

     Navigate to Products & Designer on the menu bar then click on the Online T-shirt Designer or click here to directly go to the designer page.

     Explore the menu options:

          > Product: to return to the product window for product and color selection.

          > Add Text: to incorporate, format, and upload text.

          > Add Design: to integrate images, designs, or use pre-designed options.

          > Add Team Name: to utilize pre-designed team names and numbers.

          > QTY (Quantity): to specify the desired number of items.

product designer menu bar

2. Product Window Navigation:

     Utilize icons within the product window:

          > Zoom: to adjust product view.

          > Select All: to choose all added elements within a box.

          > Copy/Paste: to duplicate elements.

          > Decoration Area Border: to toggle outline box for clearer design overview.

          > View and Organize Layers: to manage and view design layers.

          > Undo/Redo: to step backward or forward through changes.

product window icons

3. Changing Product:

     Click Change Product on the left sidebar to select a different item, reflecting changes in the middle.

4. Selecting Color & Size:

     Pick a color from the available options and specify the desired size and quantity.

changing product

5. Inserting Text:

     Use the Location tool on the right.

     Click Add Text and enter your desired text. Format it using the Text Properties window on the left.

adding text

6. Inserting Design:

     Again, click on Location on the right.

     Choose Add Design to select from our designs or upload your own in PNG format. Adjust using the Image Properties window.

7. Inserting Team Name and Number:

     Access Location once more.

     Click Add Team Name, select shirt size, and input your desired name and number. Customize using Text Properties.

adding teamname and number

8. Checking Out:

     Finalize your creation by clicking Buy on the Menu Bar.

For any assistance or queries while designing your T-shirt, feel free to contact our dedicated team. We’re passionate about helping you create your ideal product. You can also share your design requests, and we’ll assist in bringing them to life. At East London Printers, expect affordable prices, top-notch customer service, and high-quality products tailored to your preferences.