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Regular T-Shirts

Football T-Shirts

Choose your very own football shirt and let us customise it with you name,team name and number. Available in an arrange of styles, colours and sizes

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Regular T-Shirts

Regular T-Shirts

Custom printed with any image and/or text in a large array of colours and sizes, printed on front and or back professionally. No minimum and order Fast turnaround...

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Ladies T-Shirts

Ladies T-Shirts

Fitted ladies T-shirts, personalised custom printing on back or front, image and or text, available in an array of sizes and colours. No minimum and order Fast turnaround...

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Garment Printing & T shirt Printing

Garment printing & Custom Embroidery UK service / Same  / Next Day service.

Clothing Printers Based in East London. Also specialists in T shirt Printing & Sweatshirt Printing and Polo Shirt Embroidery.

Visit our online Store where you can customise your garments online or call us for a super fast and friendly service.

T Shirt Printing London, Printed Football ShirtsCustomised Polo Shirts, t shirt printing near westfield stratford.

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Online tshirt design,t shirts for printing

We specialise in personalised tshirts and all types of clothing printing including:

business t shirts, custom logo shirts,custom jersey shirts and all types of custom sports apparels. Get in contact today for a fast quote.

Create shirts, Just Add Your Logo!

You can use our online T shirt designer to create your t shirts.

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Our Services

Benefit from Our Rush Order Tees Service and Quality Personalised Products!

Whether you are shopping for customised apparel for your employees, or simply need a personalised present for your friends and family members, East London Printers can provide you with quality products and fast shipping. Read on to learn about our customised products and how they could benefit you.

Shirts and Blouses

East London Printers has an incredible range of shirts and blouses, which includes a variety of custom jersey shirts. Our custom jersey shirts are suitable for individuals who want their clothing a bit more personalised, but also professionals who want to advertise their business with apparel. Of course, custom jersey shirts are not your only option, because all apparel in our range can be personalised to meet your requirements.

Organic Apparel, T Shirt Printers

Some customers prefer organic apparel. Naturally, finding custom organic apparel t shirt printing is not that easy, so East London Printers has created an incredible collection of organic clothing, which can all be personalised to meet your needs.

The organic apparel collection at East London Printers does not only contain custom jersey shirts and t-shirts, it also contains other organic products such as caps and bags. So, if you want your company to be eco-friendlier, or you need a gift for someone who only wears organic clothing, you can certainly find what you need in this collection.

Custom Sportswear

East London Printers also caters to active customers with a large collection of custom sportswear & activewear. The apparel and sports brands inside this collection is obtained from renowned brands such as Adidas, which means customers can count on high-quality personalised apparel once again.

Our sports store range of personalised athletic apparel could be an option for gyms or clubs who want their members or trainers to represent their brand. All athletic apparel can be personalised and can feature your company’s logo or name, depending on your needs.

Custom Bags, Logos and Luggage & Bag design.

Do you require your bag logo design to stand out from everyone else’s? Or does your company want to provide its employees with branded bags designed for the job? If your answer is yes, then any of the custom bags from East London Printers will do.

The collection of bag designs at East London Printers is quite diverse. We offer anything from quality backpacks to duffle bags, gym bags and even shoe bags. The bag design in question are also obtained from quality brands; this includes Adidas, B&C Denim, American Apparel and BagBase.

Customised Apparel for Chefs, Waiters and Other Restaurant Staff

People working in the restaurant industry know that it is important to represent your brand, which usually includes some customised apparel that displays the chef shop name of the restaurant, its logo or both. Finding quality chef jacket design & apparel for restaurant kitchen employees is now easier than ever, because East London Printers has an extensive range of apparel for restaurant professionals available.

Our Printing on T shirts collection

Inside our collection of customised and personalised apparel, our valued customers can find chef’s attire,hats,aprons, elasticated trousers, short sleeve bar shirts, customised aprons and much more. We also have this attire available in various sizes, so you can find the attire to fit your employees perfectly.

Custom Headwear

Custom jersey shirts and t-shirts are not the only way to advertise your business, since you can also take advantage of custom headwear. Our range provides you with many headwear options that could be customised to match your company; this includes performance caps, twill caps, beanies, mountain caps and more!

Personalised Gift Shop

Personalised gifts can also be Created in our shop, so if you need a unique gift or simply want some merchandise for your company, our personalised gift collection could be exactly what you need. as it includes, gifts for him, gifts for her, 18th birthday ideas, customers can find products such as towels, hooded baby towels, tea towels, golf towels, robes and more! So, head over to our home wares range to explore all the possibilities.

Licensed Brands including  Sports team T Shirts

When you look at our collection of products that can be personalised, you will also notice a large collection of licensed brands. Our licensed brand range contains products from well-known sports teams; this includes the New York Yankees, the Oakland Raiders, the New England Patriots and many others. If you are an American football lover, but can never get a hold of the merch, East London Printers has you covered!

Custom Baby Clothing

If you want something different than standard baby clothes, East London Printers can certainly provide you with many possibilities. In our extensive selection of customisable items, you will find a dedicated range of infant & toddler apparel and each of the products inside can be personalised to meet your requirements. The infant & toddler apparel can be adorned with a fun print or a nice message, so let your creativity roam free when you place your order your T shirt printing at East London Printers.

New Customisable Attire

East London Printers constantly adds new products to its range, so if you wish to personalise something, but not quite sure what you are looking for, you could get some inspiration from our range of new products. Since this range also includes apparel and merchandise for professionals, both businesses and individuals could benefit from visiting this collection.

More Personalised Products Available at East London Printers!

The products we described above are just a fraction of what we can offer you. We specialise in the customisation of many products, which made us one of the leading providers of customised apparel and products in the UK. Need more information about any of our products? Feel free to contact our expert team and we will be more than happy to assist!


Printed T shirts


The Best Methods for Printing on T-Shirts 

Don’t know which method is best for your custom t-shirt design? Check out our guide for printing on t-shirts and find out what works best for you!

Types of Print

From direct-to-garment printing to screen printing, there are a variety of methods available when it comes to creating custom t-shirt designs. To help you find the best method for your desired design, we’ve put together this guide on printing on t-shirts.

Heat Transfer Printing.

Heat transfer printing is a popular choice for t-shirt printing, as it’s cost-effective and simple to execute. This process involves heating specialized inks that have been printed onto heat-transfer paper, then pressing them onto the fabric of your choosing. The advantages of this method include its affordability, speed of production, and good color vibrancy. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the prints are not very durable and may start to fade after a few washes.

Screen Printing.

Screen printing is a great option for larger production runs and the most popular form of t-shirt printing. The process involves placing the design onto a mesh screen, which is then loaded into a printing machine. The mesh openings act as tiny stencils that allow only certain colors to pass through them, allowing you to achieve precise detail prints. The main advantages of this method include its long-lasting durability and vibrancy. However, it does require more time and money than other methods like heat transfer or digital printing.

Vinyl Cutting and Plotter Cutters

Vinyl cutting is a popular and efficient method for creating custom t-shirt designs. This method involves using a vinyl cutter, such as a Plotter Cutter, to create stencils outlines of the desired design onto sheets of heat transfer or vinyl material. Then, that sheet of material with the newly cut design is then heated onto your t-shirt with warm press. This produces a distressed look which can be combined with unique visual effects like glitter and varnish textures to create unique prints on your garments.

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing.

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is a great option for smaller production runs. It involves using inkjet technology to directly apply the design onto the fabric of your t-shirt. The process takes less time than screen printing and is a more cost effective way to achieve great results. This method also offers flexibility in terms of artwork since intricate details, such as shading and blending, can be easily incorporated into your designs with bright and long-lasting colors.

Sublimation Printing.

Sublimation printing is a great choice if you want to achieve high-quality, vibrant results on polyester material and canvas. This method involves using special inks that become environmentally friendly and fade-resistant prints after they’ve been heated by a digital printer. This process is often used when full color artwork is required and works especially well on polyester fabrics. When selecting this option, you should consider the fabric composition of your t-shirts since sublimation printing requires polyester or poly-blend fabrics for optimal results.

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