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Custom Embroidery UK

 Custom Embroidery UK

We offer custom embroidery service based in the UK,  and as a result, we love all things embroidery.
Feel free to compare our products ranging from economy to premium to suit all budgets.
Providing all our customers with top-notch service and an express turnaround where needed.
t-shirts embroidered.

East London Printers Custom Embroidery UK

Custom Embroidery UK    FEATURES :

Your Logo / Branding on your Shirt
Premium Garments. Durable Branding / Logo.
Fashionable Garments.
Many Colours Available.
Free Logo consultation.



10 Polos With Embroidered logo From £12.50 Each!

Stitch a custom logo! send your logo and we will convert it to stitch and sew it into your garments, Many thread colours available.


Hats with custom embroidery


hat with custom embroidery
The BC660 is one of our most popular hat with custom embroidery, You can add your logo, design, Embroider on the side and bac.

This Custom cap also comes in over 12 colors and is great for branding with any club logo


t-shirts embroidered near me in E11, E12, All of East London Covered

Screen Printing also Available


We accept non-redraw artwork for vectorization, cleaning up of images, four-color process separation, color separation, and make the artwork ready.

Editing service available, Rush Orders Welcome.

File Format Names:
JPG, .TIF, .GIF, .PCX, .CDR, .EPS, .PDF, .BMP, .EMB , Etc.

Digitizing Formats Names:
Tajima DST, Barudan FMC ,Wings MLS , Melco DOS , Melco DOS,
EXP, Melco CND, Toyota, Pfaff and ZSK , Etc.

North, East, West and Central London Delivery available


personalised embroidery service

We also offer a one-off personalized embroidery service which has no minimum order,

We are one of the few companies in east London that offer digital embroidery and customization in smaller and larger quantities:

Many of our customers also bring in their own one-off garments for personalization.

custom embroidered badges

We also offer a custom badge making service which offers your logo embroidered onto felt, Prepared ready to be sewn or even ironed onto your garments.

Get in touch today.

Custom Embroidery;

Our Golden Mindset Towards Delivering

When we talk about professional or corporate appearance,

we talk about the right quality materials used, we talk about skilled hands on deck, and indeed,

we talk about Eastlondonprinters. Best as always,

enabling our customers to achieve a great appearance for both leisure and workwear.

Aside from this, We offer a wide range of fleeces and embroidered jackets that attracts directly to the equestrian market.

An insight on custom embroidery…

The art of Embroidery is a well-known decoration method that involves your design or logo sewn onto a garment with the aid of a needle and polyester thread. East London printers’ embroidery process is fully automated using improved machines and threads. Custom embroidery incorporates a logo or brand into the design of the various forms of apparel which includes a t-shirt, hat, etc. We make use of high-quality fabrics and highly improved machines to give our customers the best quality result.

Our top experienced team of technicians combines traditional processes of both hand and machine embroidery while observing state-of-the-art computer technology. Indeed! This has not only made us perfect but also enable us to create London’s most innovative and beautiful designs.

Difference between embroidery printing and screen printing

Unlike screen printing, embroidery printing is often a little more expensive. Another distinguishing factor is that unlike screen printing, charges are not given in relation to the number of colors that were used. Rather, charges are based on the number of stitches in your design. This simply means that the size of your logo, design, or preferred image is very important.

Our golden mindset towards delivering

Didn’t we summarize earlier that we are the best at what we do? Yes!

We aim at all times to assist you in creating exactly what you desire irrespective of the purpose;

be it for business, or other reasons, we got you. Our profession, our business,

we are here to help and with no minimum orders, top service, and great value we understand perfectly what it requires to satisfy every customer.

We fully understand the challenges attached to sourcing items with your logo on, and that is a key reason why we do our best in making it as easy as possible for you.

We can work perfectly on your project whether you are aiming to start from scratch,

or you already have a particular thing in mind and also eager to explore new ideas; we will help you through it all.

Of course, we all know that wearing your own logo or something you have styled with noble self-esteem is a very crucial thing!

Top-quality Embroidery and custom embroidery patches, firm in London, UK.

Maybe you guessed it right this time, the custom embroidery printing industry is a highly competitive setting.

Aren’t we aware that there are thousands of options out there? Yes, we are fully aware and we appreciate every single tick of the clock you spend checking us out.

Since we appreciate you, there is a crucial need to make it worthwhile. East London printers print,

re-label and pack several garments for clubs, companies, and associations in London,

UK. Quality is a very important factor in the business,

we thereby utilize the best equipment in the market to make sure that all work that comes from us is of the best attainable quality, and this includes Tajima embroidery machines and MHM printers.

If you require any kind of embroidery including pin-sharp detail, great colors, and crisp lettering,

we are here for you. Our embroidery will make you, being one of our valued customers, distinct from the crowd.

We embroider various types of wears, and services for a one-stop-shop for personalised wears for home, work, and sport.

We design and give touches to everything ranging from T shirt embroidery and embroidered patches to embellished workwear,

football kit, sportswear, leisurewear, etc. For different ages, in varying sizes, colours, styles and brands.

No wonder our printing and embroidery machines always got their hands on deck, no free time!

After you must have selected your preferred garment, the next decision to make is if you would like your design or logo embroidered or printed.

Of course, the two aforementioned methods are beautiful but depending on your purpose, preference, style, order quantity, etc.

One might be chosen over the other. Embroidery gives a more prestigious-looking, decorative, and harder wearing solution.

Also, its pattern of styling shows more about a 3d effect that simply reveals quality. As experts in the field of customized products,

we pride ourselves and the work that we do on bringing people together through customised clothing. With the aid of cutting-edge print and embroidery technology,

we offer high-quality products that bring together and inspire various groups of varying sizes including businesses, charities, teams, etc.

Our customers are the heart of the business and therefore, our team of experts is dedicated to paying maximum attention to every little detail of the orders.

Our order requirements are unlimited without no minimum boundary, there are also great bulk order discounts to serve our customers better at all levels.

Considering the delivery date, delivery can be available in as little as the shortest time possible.

Embroidery can last for a long time, so it’s cool for work uniforms and sports kit where the garment might get into a lot of use and wear making embroidered workwear an amazing practical preference for your clothing.

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