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Are you looking for Screen printing services based in East London?

Here at ELP we offer top-notch Silk Screen printing services, which are great for medium to large print runs.

We even offer some custom job options for smaller silk screen printing runs.

We currently support band merch, clothing brands screen printed T-shirts and sweatshirts for marketing agencies is the most popular form of t-shirt printing for larger production runs.

 Our screen printing machine utilizes mesh screens that act as stencils to allow specific colors to pass through, enabling precise and detailed prints.

It offers both long-lasting durability and vivid colors but requires more time and investment compared to methods like heat transfer or digital printing.

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Silk Screen Printing Service at East London Printers

Welcome to East London Printers, where creativity meets precision in our silk screen printing service. As pioneers in the art of silk screen printing, we specialize in transforming your visions into tangible masterpieces.

With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of skilled artisans, we bring unparalleled quality and vibrancy to every project. Whether it’s apparel, posters, or bespoke designs, our silk screen printing service embodies craftsmanship and innovation.

What is screen printing? The Advantages of Silk Screen Printing

Gives an authentic ink feel

Benefits from background removal tools

Cheaper than vinyl for larger print runs

Looks professional and aesthetic

Accommodates more details

Works well with multicolor images

This technique is very durable as inks usually sit atop the fabric. A minimum of 25 pieces per design is required. If you’re printing fewer than 20 pieces, vinyl might be your go-to choice due to its cost-effectiveness for smaller runs. However, for bulk orders, silkscreen printing could offer better value for money.

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More About our Silk Screen Printing Service

Silk Screen Printing Service

We proudly deliver a swift silk screen printing service, backed by over 10 years of expertise in the field. Our dedication to this craft has earned us a reputation for excellence, serving numerous companies with exceptional results. The positive feedback from our satisfied clientele stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

We leverage our extensive experience to ensure that each project receives meticulous attention and prompt delivery. This makes us the trusted choice for superior silk screen printing services in the region.

Type of Fabric Perfect for Silk Screen Printing

Our silk screen printing expertise extends across a diverse range of fabric types. Catering to various needs such as workwear, promotional products, band merchandise, and an array of apparel including T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Regardless of the fabric or the purpose, our commitment remains unwavering. To provide the professional quality you seek for your company branding or special event. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to precision, we ensure that every print aligns with your vision. Elevating the aesthetic and impact of your garments or promotional items.

Our versatile printing capabilities allow us to deliver vibrant, durable designs that stand the test of time. These makes East London Printers your go-to destination for superior quality silk screen printing across a spectrum of fabric applications.

Silk Screen Printing Process

The silk screen printing process initiates with the intricate preparation of a silk mesh screen meticulously stretched over a sturdy wooden frame. Subsequently, a precisely crafted design stencil is adhered to this prepared frame, forming the blueprint for the forthcoming printing. When the garment is carefully positioned beneath the screen, the actual silk screen printing phase commences. Here, ink is skillfully applied onto the screen, and transferred through the stencil via a specialized rubber blade known as a squeegee. This technique allows the ink to permeate the design on the screen, resulting in its seamless replication onto the fabric of the garment, yielding a high-quality, precisely rendered print.

Types of Ink Used

Plastisol inks

This is known for their ability to remain on the screen for extended periods without causing mesh clogs. This ink variant facilitates wet-on-wet printing, expediting production processes significantly. It’s available in various thickness levels, ranging from transparent to highly opaque. Notably, it doesn’t dry out, allowing for prolonged use. Moreover, it’s compatible with both light and dark fabrics.

Water-based Inks

Ink that offers a different set of benefits. These inks penetrate the garment, resulting in a print that doesn’t have a noticeable surface texture. Primarily used for larger prints, water-based inks possess substantial drying capabilities, ensuring effective absorption into the fabric.

DTG and Screen Printing

As we strive daily to offer another premium brand of American Apparel that is great for both DTG printing and silk screen printing. We keep in mind the wide range of choices of our customers with the use of both hand and high technological infrastructures to achieve the best.

If you are on a tight budget then American Apparel may not be the brand for you as this is a premium tee. However, cheaper does not always mean better and this brand is west-end ready and is also known by top fashion artists.

As part of our service range from printing merchandise and uniforms. Using quality American Apparel while still considering the cost to be spent by our customers to offer them the best competitive price for DTG printing and screen printing.

Do You Have Any Questions About Our Silk Screen Printing Service?

Generally for bulk orders, we use silk screen printing, and plastisol ink to print onto our garments. A stencil is then exposed to create a unique template of your design and then dried at high temperatures to ensure the print is fully washable and also cure the ink. Our fashion T-shirts are guaranteed to withstand more washes than the garment itself!

At East London Printers, we specialize in an array of printing methods including silk screen printing, DTG (Direct to Garment), heat transfer vinyl, and sublimation printing. Our expertise covers both traditional and modern techniques, allowing us to cater to diverse fabric types such as 100% cotton T-shirts, polyester for sportswear, nylon, organic tees, silk, and beyond. Contact us today to bring your designs to life with our versatile printing capabilities.