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We offer screen print* and digitally printed tote bags no minimum quantity.

Choose your very own custom canvas tote bags  and let us customise it with your company name, logo & info.

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Tots Bag Printing


Deals are based on Bags ( with black print )  Ex VAT, screen setup charges



Cotton Shopper,Tote bag print


• Premium 5oz Long Handled tote bag Cotton Shopper
• Eco-Friendly Raw Natural Finish
• Size 38cm x 42cm
• Capacity 15 Litres
• 32.5cm Handles
• Decoration Area 350mm x 420mm
• Suitable For Screen Print, Embroidery, Or Transfer

Mini Promo Tote


tote bag print

tote tote2
tote3 tote

Size: One Size

18 Tubular Hoop

Approx Print Area
26×22 cm

100% Cotton

Approx Dimensions
32.5×26 cm

4 litres

Black Coloured Cotton Shopping Carrier Bags ( Code: EC-COTTBLAC)


One of our most popular sellers since the drive to push eco-friendly products,

We have a full range of Cotton Shopping Carrier Bags in stock and ready for next day delivery at a great price!

We also have a unique range of great colors that are bright and vibrant, so what are you waiting for?


These bags are made from natural unbleached canvas and then 100% dyed in Black.

Want a specific color tote bag print or size? Please order a sample if this is critical.

Strong cotton handles are sewn onto the bags and can hold heavyweights.

These bags can be over-printed, please call us for further information.

100% bio-degradable cotton.

Bags that are built to last, can be used again and again!

Tote bag printing Dimensions:

Width x Height

Handles vary in size depending on what you order.

Please note all sizes are approximate and tote bag colours may vary as this is a natural material.

Need to know more? Read our Buyers Guide for more information about Cotton Bags.

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fair trade tote bags

We offer a huge range of budget and Fairtrade bags custom printed, From the smooth budget style bags to the woven Jute style bags

Westford mill WM620 is one of our top sellers for hotels and dining, We can add your logo and customize this bag to a premium standard.

WM623 Fairtrade cotton classic shopper: ( No Minimum order ) 

This bag is a really nice high-quality bag and

Tote Bags from organic,

no minimum

Tote bag printing

tote bags

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Get Your Personalised Tote Bag at East London Printers!

Some fashion items can be personalised, so you can let your true sense of fashion shine! This certainly applies to everything, including the personalised tote bags available at East London Printers. Want to learn more about these personalisation options? Find out below!

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag Printing & Personalised Shopping Bags

Whether you need tote bags for work, tote bags for school, or personalised bags in general, our canvas tote bag printing & personalised shopping bags service enables you to get them all! To benefit from cotton canvas tote bag printing & personalised shopping bags, customers can choose one of the cheap tote bags available on our website. Each of these tote bags is available in a different colour, so you can choose a colour that matches your personal style or the purpose you’ll use the bag for.

Colours you can choose from at East London Printers include classic colours such as black, white, sand, natural and grey, but also more unusual colours such as surf blue, true pink, magenta, orange, emerald and much more. So, before you decide to choose a basic colour, be sure to check out all your options first! By doing this, you can get the best tote bags for work, school or other purposes from our cotton canvas tote bag printing & personalised shopping bags service!

Canvas Tote/Personalised Tote Bags

There are many reasons why individuals want to obtain a canvas tote or personalised tote bags; this could be for their own use, but also as a gift for a special occasion. East London Printers can provide canvas tote or personalised tote bags for all these purposes. We even have small tote bags that are perfect for children and teens!

Still, East London Printers does not only provide canvas totes and personalised tote bags for individuals alone, because we also offer our services to businesses. If your business needs a set of promotional bags, canvas shopping bags or a unique tote bag design that could help you promote your business, you can get all your tote bags online from East London Printers! We offer the best tote bags for both individuals and businesses. Therefore, we have no problem delivering personalised tote bags for all our customers!

Custom Cotton Bags/Photo Tote Bag

Our personalised tote bags can be personalised with a nice quote or a company logo, but it is also possible to obtain custom cotton bags with a photograph. Photo tote bags are popular amongst individual customers, because these photo tote bags always make a wonderful gift!

There are many special occasions where you could gift one of our custom cotton bags with photograph; this includes special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays. Each of our printed bags can be based on your ideas and deliver a wonderful surprise. Of course, you can also get this service for various coloured cotton bags, so you are not obligated to choose a white tote bag.

We must mention that photo tote bags are also available for businesses, so if you are looking for some wholesale tote bags you can get a special deal on, you can certainly find them at East London Printers! With a large range of personalised totes and cheap totes available, you’ll undoubtedly find the best products and deals for your company.

Monogrammed Tote Bags/Embroided Tote Bags

Do you want your personalised tote bags to be a little more classy and sophisticated, something that is hard to achieve with a basic print? No need to worry, because East London Printers also provides monogrammed tote bags and embroided tote bags to meet your specific needs!

To create our monogrammed tote bags and embroided tote bags, we start by grabbing one of our blank tote bags. Based on the monogram or design delivered by the customer in question, the monogram or embroidery is applied by one of our master craftsmen. So, whether you need promotional tote bags or custom messenger bags; this option can transform the bag into something unique and sophisticated.

Personalised Bags / Custom Canvas Bags

East London Printers is also your advised place for personalised bags and custom canvas bags, which can be used for promotional purposes, but also as a wonderful gift for a friend or relative. You can also get bulk tote bags or individual cloth tote bags, which means our service is suitable for every type of customer.

The best thing about our personalised bags and custom canvas bas is that they classify as custom reusable bags. Even if you obtain one of our blank canvas tote bags without a personalised logo, quote or photograph, each of our custom canvas bags is reusable.

Design Your Own Bag

To design your own bag, simply pick one of the custom canvas bags that suits your purposes. For example, you could choose one of our grocery tote bags or personalised beach bags. Therefore, be sure to consider your main colour carefully.

If you need some help deciding, you can also contact East London Printers and inform about our most popular tote bags or cool tote bags. Since you have a large range of tote bags to choose from; this includes anything from basic white to purple tote bags, some additional help from East London Printers can go a long way!

Once you have chosen your bag tote, you can take advantage of the custom printed tote bags service. Simply let us know what kind of design you want on your tote bag and our canvas bag printing service will do the rest. Who knows? Maybe next time you go out you can take advantage of our personalised shopping bags or our small canvas tote bags for your kids!

Tote Bags UK/Wholesale Canvas Bags

When you need a considerable amount of tote bags – for example to promote your business or your company – then it could be wise to benefit from wholesale canvas bags. When you obtain canvas bags from our wholesale service, you can get a better deal than buying those bags individually. Of course, you can still take advantage of our expert printing services along the way.

East London Printers does not only offer customisation services in the UK for tote bags alone, because our range also contains other items that could be personalised; this varies from t-shirts to personalised sports attire. Curious about the other items we can provide to customers? Be sure to check out our entire range of products that could be personalised with your designs!

Personalised Canvas Tote Bags

As we mentioned before, our canvas tote bags are available in many colours; this enables customers to get personalised canvas tote bags that match their requirements and their own personal sense of style. Of course, colour is just one aspect of our personalised canvas tote bags, because the quality of our tote bags is unmatched!

At East London Printers, we believe that premium quality should not be expensive; this is one of the reasons why we offer our products at such sharp prices. The affordable pricing policy of East London Printers does not only apply to tote bags though because you will find the same pricing policy throughout our range of products that can be personalised.

The premium quality of our personalised canvas tote bags shines through in the fabric as well as the design of the bag itself. Each tote bag can be held in hand but is spacious enough to be worn over the shoulder too with a handle length of 67 centimeters. Each bag is made from a 100% cotton and 140gsm thickness, so the quality of our bags cannot be denied.

Our Personalised Canvas Tote Bags can carry a considerable weight too. The canvas tote bags have a dimension of 38 x 42 centimeters, combined with a capacity of 10 litres. Could you want anything more from our personalised canvas tote bag?

To benefit from our personalised canvas tote bags service, you do not need to order a minimum amount of tote bags either; this means that individual customers can get a single tote bag as a gift for a friend or relative. Of course, we still offer great deals for businesses who want to obtain many personalised tote bags.

Branded Tote Bags/Business Tote Bag

The Branded Tote Bags – also referred to as business tote bags – are used by businesses to promote their business in a fun way. Instead of using flyers, which usually end up in the bin of potential customers anyway, you can advertise your business with something that won’t end up in the bin – a reusable cotton tote bag.

Reusable tote bags can be used for loads of things, which means your company’s logo, slogan or phone number will be displayed in many different places; this could include local grocery stores, the beach, the high street or any other place where advertisement could cost quite a bit. By gifting your best customers the branded tote bag, you get exposure in those places without having to pay any long-term advertising fees.

To obtain branded tote bags or business tote bags, you can just take advantage of our basic printing service. Of course, if you need tote bags in bulk, it is often easier to give us a call than ordering your bags online. When you speak to one of our representatives, you can also enquire about any special deals that may apply to an order of such big size.

Special Tote Bag Features

To help you decide whether to buy tote bags from East London Printers, let us convince you with some of the special features connected to our special tote bags. So, if you are still in doubt about purchasing a personalised tote bag, business tote bag or a branded tote bag, here are some of the reasons you should!

Firstly, all tote bags available at East London Printers are made from a 100% bio-degradable cotton; this means that our special tote bags are good for the environment. All our bags can be reused too, which is much more environmentally-friendly than plastic bags which are usually thrown away after your shop.

Customers can also adjust the size of the handles depending on their needs. Therefore, if you often struggle finding a tote bag with the right size handles, East London Printers is also the way to go. If you wish to adjust the length of the handles, then we urge you to place your order over the phone with one of our representatives.

Since we are dealing with a natural material, not every tote bag is going to be the same. So, if you want to own something unique instead of something mass-produced, then a tote bag from East London Printers is also advised.  

Not quite happy with the design of your tote bags? Or simply want to switch things up? Then you can also benefit from an over-printing service at East London Printers. Simply contact our team to learn if your existing tote bags could get a new design.

Last but certainly not least, our tote bags are extremely strong. The handles are made from the strongest cotton and sewn onto the bags to ensure maximum durability. So, if you are tired of low-quality tote bags, you will have another reason to get one of the personalised tote bags from East London Printers.


There are many reasons why you should consider one of the personalised cotton tote bags form East London Printers, but the final decision is yours to make! Do you have any additional questions about our range of tote bags or our cotton bags in general? Then be sure to contact East London Printers for more information!

Before you place your order at East London Printers, be sure to look at some of our other products too. In addition to tote bags, we have other items that can be personalised. So, before you leave, make sure you check some of the other possibilities too. Any questions about our other products? Check-in with East London Printers today for more info! 

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