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Our expertise lies in the field of badge printing, offering a fast turnaround service. You can design your badge online or simply complete our quote form.

Customising your own button badge is a quick and easy process with our online designer. Create a unique custom badge for your special event, birthday celebration, or any noteworthy occasion.

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Custom Badge Printing at East London Printers

East London Printers can provide  custom badges for all of your occasions. To maximize their impact, it’s advisable to keep the design simple, allowing your logo or corporate branding to shine. Button badges also serve as an effective means to communicate achievements, enhance brand recognition, and make fantastic giveaways at exhibitions.

These Custom Badges are Ideal for:

Birthday Party

Promotional Events

Special Occasions

Personal Gifts


Members Clubs


and Many More!

With our live online design tool, you can create your custom badge effortlessly, and there are no minimum order requirements. We offer a discounted pricing structure, meaning the more you order, the more you save. If you have a unique design in mind that you’d like to feature on our iconic button badges, simply provide us with your desired artwork and any specific requirements.

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One of our outstanding product specialists will assist in answering any questions you may have, calculate costs, and process payment.


Collaborate directly with our design experts to craft your unique design and tailor each product to your brand, at no additional cost.


After customizing your products, they undergo printing, rigorous quality checks, meticulous packaging, and are dispatched to your location within agreed date


Dependeing on your location for our standard shipping. We have special 24 hour, same day, and next day service available.

Our Button Badges Come in Diffrent Sizes

Simply choose your badge size and then fill in our fast quote form online.

  • 25mm Round Badge
  • 38mm Round Badge
  • 58mm Round Badge
  • 78mm Round Badge
  • 6 inch mega round Badge
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More About our Badge Printing Service

Custom Badges Printing Process

To get custom badges printed, first, select your desired diameter size. Then, specify the quantity you need. After completing your purchase, send us your artwork via email, and we’ll promptly send you a proof for your approval. There’s no need to worry about complicated artwork specifications or any hassles.

If you’d like to review a proof before placing your order, simply send us your artwork and requirements via email, and our badge experts will guide you through the process.

If you have a specific deadline, please inform us, and our team will provide you with comprehensive advice. Once you confirm your order, we’ll ensure it’s dispatched on the agreed-upon date.

Affordable and Customized Badges

East London Printers constantly exploring fresh ways to help you make a memorable impact at your upcoming events, and we understand that giveaways are an excellent strategy to achieve that. Printed badges provide an economical means of showcasing your message to every attendee who walks through your doors. They add a personalised and engaging element to any event. Our extensive selection of printed badges can all be customised with your logo and messaging, ensuring your brand shines through.

Benefits of Printed Badges

Printed badges are incredibly versatile and offer numerous benefits. They can serve a variety of purposes, from identifying conference attendees and displaying staff names and titles to promoting new products or services and rewarding customer loyalty. This is particularly valuable at large events where tracking individuals can be a challenge, as these badges provide a clear visual representation of each person’s affiliation.

These badges can contribute a delightful and vibrant element to your special occasion. They allow guests to infuse their own style and personality into the event by pinning them wherever they find most fitting. Whether it’s on their clothing, accessories, or even as decorative accents on party favors and decorations, these badges become not just identifiers but also charming adornments that enhance the overall ambiance of your celebration. The versatility of these badges extends beyond their functional purpose, making them a unique and creative way to make your event more visually appealing and engaging for your guests.

Furthermore, printed badges offer flexibility in how they can be worn, with options like pin backs, clips, lanyards, or magnets. This flexibility allows participants to select the most comfortable and convenient way to wear their badges, ensuring they remain securely in place throughout the event. Whether your objective is to increase your brand’s visibility, showcase products, or create a lasting impression on potential customers, printed badges are an excellent addition to your promotional products category page. Their customization possibilities, adaptability, and practicality make them a cost-effective tool for expanding your brand’s reach and impact across a broader audience.

Have Any Questions About Our Badge Printing Service?

Our custom badge printing service allows you to create personalized badges that reflect your unique preferences and interests. We take pride in producing durable products that earn your trust both professionally and personally.

Make a great first impression at your event with our reliable, on-demand custom badge printing. Not everyone has access to printing facilities, and some prefer the convenience of having their badges printed for them. Our service ensures smooth badge printing for any event.

If your company is undergoing a transformation, consider incorporating custom badges. Our name badge printing service can seamlessly integrate into your organization’s new direction, giving it a professional edge.

With years of experience in the printing industry, we offer speedy badge printing with competitive rates and unparalleled quality. We also provide customization options for colors, designs, and patterns to highlight your uniqueness.

As the leading printer in the UK, we prioritize delivering the best customer experience for our clients. Contact us today for top-notch badge printing services in London that exceed your expectations.