Artwork Guidlines

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on crafting captivating t-shirt printing designs at East London Printers. We will walk you through crucial artwork guidelines and specifications to ensure your designs are flawlessly translated onto your garments and create stunning prints.

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General Artwork Guidelines for Garment Printing

For the best outcome with your T-shirt printing designs, it’s essential to adhere to these artwork and mockup guidelines. Following these recommendations not only enhances your print quality but also prevents unnecessary fees and delivery delays.

Front Print Area Mockup:

Download T Shirt Mockup Template Here

When it comes to the front of your t-shirt, you have two standard size choices:

1. Standard A4 Size: 21cm x 30cm

2. Large A3 Size: 30cm x 42cm

Front Chest Print: Approx. 22cm wide in pro*
Left Crest or chest: Approx. 10cm-12cm wide
Bottom Front: Great for web address, my spaces ect.

For smaller designs, consider the left chest area with dimensions up to 10cm x 10cm.

Back Print Area:

Moving to the back of the T-shirt, focus on these dimensions:

1. Nape: 10cm x 10cm

2. Back Print Max Width: 30cm x 42cm

Back Shoulders: Approx. 22cm wide in pro*
Back A4:
A4 Size Print

Artwork Preparation Information

Ensuring your t-shirt design artwork aligns with these specifications is vital to avoid complications. Deviating from these guidelines could result in additional charges and, worse, printing errors or delayed deliveries, something we aim to help you steer clear of.

Make sure your artwork file is set to the correct print size. If you have specific size requirements, provide a mock design with accurate print measurements in centimeters. This step streamlines proper print positioning.


Please be aware that our mockups primarily serve to illustrate print positions. They may not precisely mirror your desired print size. To ensure accuracy, kindly share actual print measurements, and we’ll align our processes accordingly.

Artwork Origination:

For optimal results, we recommend using design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, QuarkXPress, or Acrobat. Unfortunately, software like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint isn’t suitable for artwork origination, regardless of the file export method. Unless you supply us with an actual Print measurement we will use our standard print sizes.

File Format:

When saving your artwork, select from these formats: PDF, EPS, TIFF, or JPEG. Remember to incorporate a minimum 3mm bleed, set the resolution to 300 dpi, and maintain a CMYK color format. Avoid employing Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files, as they are not compatible with our printing processes.

Specific Colors and Pantones:

If you have specific color preferences or require Pantone color matching, kindly communicate these during the quote submission process. Sharing the relevant Pantone numbers will assist us in meeting your expectations precisely.


Important Note:

While we strive for excellence, we cannot be held accountable for any reduction in print quality due to incorrect artwork file specifications. Artwork received that is not in line with these specifications may be subject to amend charges.

East London Printers cannot accept responsibility for print errors or late deliveries where artwork has been supplied incorrectly or specified accordingly.
Please make sure that your artwork file is supplied at the correct print size or our standard print size will be used.

Also if your print sizes need to be specific, Please make sure that you supply us with a mock design and make sure that the correct print measurements are illustrated on your mock up in centimetres or it will be focused on print positioning only and not print size.


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