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T-shirt printing at London Victoria and London Bridge, W1, W2, W3

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Offering Silk Screen printing and Digital Heat Transfers.

We Are a T-Shirt Printing Company based in London

Enjoy a super-fast turnaround on custom clothing, friendly customer service, and FREE PARKING while you wait!

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We are located in London E11 (near Stratford City) and deliver fast T-shirt printing all over the UK.

We are serving North, South, East, and West London, including surrounding counties.

E11, E15, W1, WC1, WC2, EC1, EC2, EC3  and now covering delivery all over the UK

Providing quality T-shirts that match your brand or company needs.

T-Shirt Printing London, UK

Tshirt printing

Personalised T-Shirt & Garment Printing

As specialists in screen printed, digital heat transfer, and garment printing, we use the latest printing methods and technology.

Techniques: Screen Printing, Transfer Printing, Vinyl, and CAD Cut Printing

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Our shop is located near Stratford E15 in Leytonstone, only two stops from Stratford on the Central Line.

We also offer transfer printing on Stanley Stella, Guildan,Fruit of the loom,Casual Classics t-shirts and a range of workwear and hoodies.

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Custom Tshirt Printing at East London Printers

We are based in London 11 near Stratford City. We cover and deliver fast t shirt printing all over the UK including North London, South London, East London, West London, London Victoria, London Bridge and surrounding counties, E1, E15, W1, W2, W3, WC1, WC2, EC1, EC2, and EC3. Now, we are covering deliveries all over the UK with our quality T-shirts matching your brand or company.

Creating your t-shirt online is fast and very easy using our online design system. T-shirts for bands and special events, stag night tees, hen night tees, band merchandise, and workwear.

T Shirt Printing London – fast turnaround options / last-minute service. Choose from our in-house t-shirt selection, or bring your own! No minimum order, fast service, urgent orders accepted.

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Garment Printing While you Wait!

We are a T shirt printing company with a London-based shop. We offer a super-fast turnaround on custom clothing with friendly customer service with FREE PARKING while you wait!

Creating your t shirt online is fast and very easy using our online design system. T shirts for bands and special events, Stag night tees, Hen night tees, Band merchandise, and workwear. We also offer workwear and hoodies.

Personalised T-Shirt & Garment Printing Methods

There are various methods available for t shirt printing to help you create your own unique designs. To help you find the best method for your desired, we’ve put together this guide on printing on t-shirts.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Press T-shirt Printing

This method is a cost-effective and straightforward way of custom t shirt printing. It involves heating special inks printed on heat-transfer paper and pressing them onto your fabric. It’s known for its affordability, quick production, and vibrant colors. However, the prints may not be very durable and could fade after a few washes.

Screen Printing

screen printed T-shirts

Screen printing is the most popular form of t shirt printing for larger production runs. It utilizes mesh screens that act as stencils to allow specific colors to pass through, enabling precise and detailed prints. It offers long-lasting durability and vivid colors but requires more time and investment compared to methods like heat transfer or digital printing.

Vinyl Cutting and Plotter Cutters

Vinyl T-shirt Printing

Vinyl cutting is an efficient way to create custom t shirt designs. It involves using a vinyl cutter, like a Plotter Cutter, to create stencil outlines on heat transfer or vinyl material, which is then heated onto the t-shirt. This method can produce unique distressed looks with effects like glitter and varnish textures for distinctive prints.

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing

DTG printing is ideal for smaller production runs and uses inkjet technology to directly apply designs onto t-shirt fabric. It offers vibrant inkjet prints with intricate details, shading, and blending, making it a cost-effective and time-efficient option.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation T-shirt Printing

Sublimation printing is perfect for achieving high-quality, vibrant results on polyester or poly-blend fabrics. Special inks become fade-resistant prints after heating by a digital printer. It’s suitable for full-color artwork and works exceptionally well on polyester fabrics.

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After customizing your products, they undergo printing, rigorous quality checks, meticulous packaging, and are dispatched to your location within agreed date


Dependeing on your location for our standard shipping. We have special 24 hour, same day, and next day service available.

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  • Promo Tees: Get 100 promotional t-shirts with a one-color print.
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More About Our T Shirt Printing Service

Tshirt Printing for Promotional Events

East London Printers is specialize in t-shirts tailored for sports and promotional events. Our expertise extends to designing t-shirts for staff, security, and stewards and personalized t-shirts with staff names. We’re committed to meeting your deadlines with our fast express service. 

We provide everyone with professional T shirt printing services. This includes adding your creative design to a T-shirt, printing an inspirational quote on a shirt, or creating professional business attire with your company’s logo or brand.

To ensure there is a suitable T-shirt for every customer, our company offers numerous T-shirt designs and sizes. Therefore, customers can easily find a base shirt design that matches them perfectly. Once you have chosen a base shirt design, you can let your creativity roam free and add your unique design!

Our friendly sales team isn’t just here to provide quick quotes; they’re also eager to guide you in achieving your goals. We’ll explore every option available to meet your timeline.

Custom T-Shirts FAST Express service

Moreover, if you are based in the UK and need a fast express service, we can offer personalized custom printed t shirts and bulk orders and complete your order in record time to meet your deadline.

T-Shirt Design Services

Have a unique t-shirt design in mind? Our custom T-shirt store allows you to add anything you like, whether it is an image, an inspirational quote, a company logo or anything else you have in mind.

To customise every aspect of your T-shirt, you can use our online designer. With our online designer, you can add a design, text and even a team name to the shirt. You can see our guide for designing online for reference. You can also choose where on the shirt you would like the design; for example, front and back. Lastly, you can also change the colour of your shirt to match your personal preferences.

Customers who want to customise one of the designer shirts on the website can also contact our team and ask for a quote. Simply convey the design you wish to add and how you envision your customised shirt. Then, our team will provide you with all the options available to you and the price for your custom shirt.

Online Tshirt Printing Shop near me!

Visit our online clothing print shop, where you can securely upload your logo and purchase t-shirts without any minimum order requirements. We ship all over the UK.

T Shirt Printing & Embroidery in London

Welcome to one of the UK’s premier leading t shirt printing companies based in London. We have been doing t shirt printing and embroidery in our company Founded in 2001, with over 25 years of experience. We offer bike deliveries to bring the t shirt printing near you and all over the UK. We have many happy clients who all know us as a hand of a professional personalizing company.

A Logical T Shirt Printing Print solution

As a logistical print shop solution, we are a one-stop print shop that can offer an express same-day service and also fast turnaround on delivery. We are in a prime location, 5 minutes walk from Leytonstone (Central line) One stop away from Stratford City, where the heart of the Olympics was.

As our catalogue has a huge range of plain t shirts in many styles, brands, colours and sizes.
If you need your custom logo printed very quickly, all of our t-shirts are ready to be dispatched in very short notice.

American Apparel: A Top T-shirt Premium Brand for You!

We have chosen right American apparel premium brand t-shirts that believe in joining integrity and style, ethics and fashion, sustainability and manufacturing, availability, and product choice. Established as a wholesale company, it is well recognized for offering fashion and premium design in the wholesale environment.
At the time when T-shirts were “one size fits all” and boxy, they offered new silhouettes in innovative fabrics and made basics into everyday fabrics.

Is American Apparel good quality?

The world’s leading premium t-shirt brand available on our website. East London Printers got this premium brand on board not just for the show part of this. It is also a great brand that is known and will not let your brand down. We use all brands of t shirts and polo shirts, crew neck, v neck, and even long sleeve t shirts
We are dedicated and aware of the quality of the premium brand. As a professional in the business, we will always uphold and maintain the attributes of the products which made it your choice. Of course, providing a top premium brand is one thing, but we will also bring along a good and long-lasting customer experience through our already made improved marketing support, good technological applications, and network of distribution.

Same Day T-Shirts, Next Day Service, London Printed T Shirts Express Collection

Situated in the heart of the East End on the central line in the City of London, our printed t-shirts can be collected from our store using our fast express next-day service. Whether it’s stag and hen parties, exhibitions, museums, or promotional events, we excel in fulfilling last-minute orders, swiftly delivering to promotional exhibitions. Contact us for a fast turnaround, and our team will respond within the hour!

The Best T Shirt Printing Near You

Your quest for searching t shirt printing near me concludes here if you’ve been scouring the web. We proudly stand as the prime choice for London printed t shirts near you and your vicinity, offering top-notch products and current unbeatable deals. When seeking t shirt printing nearby, look no further—you’ve found your destination for quality and excellent offers. Our express collection service ensures prompt delivery even during rushed preparations. From detailed designs to vivid hues, our printing proficiency ensures your ideas come to life flawlessly on fabric. With our convenient spot and swift service, obtaining your personalized t-shirts has never been more convenient or speedy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customized unisex T-shirts are available in sizes from XS – 5XL. We also offer a range of men’s personalized T-shirts and women’s sizes.

We are based in Leytonstone, London E11 but we do ship to other areas including W1, W2, EC1, EC2, E17, NW8, N1 TO N22, and all over the UK.

We can print onto the front and back of your T-shirt.

Our custom-printed T-shirts are made from 100% lightweight pre-shrunk cotton and cotton blends.

We do not have a minimum order so you can order 1 or 1000 T-shirts.

Yes totally! All of our prints are made to last and are washable up to 30 degrees.

Yes we do! We have a huge range of Glitter prints for t-shirts and also various types of foil prints including metallic gold and silver.

Our best-selling t-shirt is our Promo Tee ( SS048 ) but we also sell a lot of the Gildan GD001 Softstyle Tees.

Yes: We are Situated in Leytonstone, London E11 a 5-minute ride from Stratford city by Bus. We also deliver the Same and the next day to all London areas and across the UK.