Direct to Garment Printing

Direct-to-garment, or DTG, is a relatively new type of print; water-based eco-friendly inks are used on a rather large machine similar to your everyday printer.

The only exception is instead of loading this DTG machine with paper, you load it with garments. The machine sprays the T-shirt inks directly onto the garment!

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Using our eco-friendly DTG Printer is the process where a garment is loaded into an actual printing machine, and the water-based inks are printed onto the t-shirt ( similar to printing onto paper on a desktop printer)


Our print team will always help you choose the best possible print process for your job. As a result, we will help you to cut your costs without compromising the print quality.

The Advantages of DTG Printing

Great for order fulfillment

Faster to produce with great quality

Unlimited colours

No screen setup costs

Designs with fine detail and no backgrounds are easy to print

Can be used to create photos and jobs with a lot of colours and detail

We have re-launched our DTG printing service using the latest Ricoh DTG Printing machine. We can achieve eye-catching, vibrant prints with just about any design for our direct-to-garment printing jobs.

What are the Top 5 Garments for DTG?
Our Best Current Deal

1. Gildan Ultra Cotton Tee shirts (GD002)

dtg tshirt east london printers

2. Gildan Softstyle Tees (GD001)

dtg printing T-shirt

3. Continenetal Earth Positive (EP01)

dtg friendly 2

4. Unisex Creator Iconic T-Shirt (SX001)

dtg sx001 organic tee

5. Iconic 150 T (SS430)

dtg iconic tee

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Collaborate directly with our design experts to craft your unique design and tailor each product to your brand, at no additional cost.


After customizing your products, they undergo printing, rigorous quality checks, meticulous packaging, and are dispatched to your location within agreed date


Dependeing on your location for our standard shipping. We have special 24 hour, same day, and next day service available.

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More About our DTG Printing Service

Direct to Garment DTG Process

Our DTG printing service in London utilizes a cutting-edge direct-to-garment process that excels on 100% cotton garments, particularly ring-spun cotton T-shirts and apparel. While we prefer more cotton-based materials, we can also accommodate 80% cotton and 20% polyester blends when necessary.

Faster Turnaround Time / Low Setup Costs

One of the standout features of DTG printing is its ability to provide a screen-printed look and feel without the time-consuming setup and expenses associated with traditional screen printing. In fact, we offer a same-day printing service with fast dispatch options.

With DTG printing equipment, all garments must be pre-treated, and some garments may not take well to this process, so your garment may need to withstand a test before proceeding. However, we do sell trailed and tested garments that work great.

Direct to Garment vs Sublimation

People often ask us which is better for the best quality print: Dye sublimation or DTG ink. The difference is that Dye sublimation can only be done on white garments. Also, we can only sublimate onto 100% polyester.

Compared to DTG, which offers a more significant range of printable options. So, the two processes serve entirely different uses. Unfortunately, there is no way to sublimate onto dark cotton light or dark garments, making DTG printing the number one choice for smaller runs.

Is DTG Printing Eco-friendly?

Absolutely! DTG inks are eco-friendly and are great for printing onto organic T-shirt fabrics, aligning with sustainable and environmentally conscious printing practices.

Is DTG Printing Good Quality?

Without a doubt, DTG printers are capable of delivering outstanding quality, capable of reproducing photographic images at resolutions of up to 1200 x 1200 DPI. However, the key to achieving remarkable results lies in providing high-quality artwork for printing.

Is DTG Printing Durable?

Our next-generation direct-to-garment process ensures durability, with DTG-printed designs able to withstand wash temperatures of up to 30 degrees. This makes it an excellent choice for fashion apparel and promotional wear that needs to maintain its quality over time.

Do You Have Any Questions About Our DTG Printing Service?

For those seeking precision in color matching, particularly with specific pantone numbers, it’s worth noting that DTG printing may have some variations.

Additionally, it’s essential to factor in lead time considerations, as DTG printing tends to be slower compared to silk screen printing. On average, DTG printing takes approximately 5 minutes for a white T-shirt and 8 minutes for a dark-colored T-shirt, as white ink needs to be applied beneath your design.

If you’re looking to kickstart a clothing line or brand and are based in London, UK, consider reaching out to us. We offer local pick-up options, and East London Printers is your go-to source for all your DTG printing needs. Contact us today for more information!