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personalised bibs, Top Quality 100% Cotton ,Our baby bibs  for everyday wear and perfect for gifts for that little cutie,
Keep your tiny ones clean! Get a personalised bib and make your toddler or baby fashion-savvy.
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Are you looking for personalised bibs for the birth of a new baby, baby shower, or first birthday? Whichever personalised bib you need, you can always count on East London Printers to provide you with personalised bibs of superior quality. Want to learn more about our personalised bibs? Check out the information provided by East London Printers below.

Why Should I Choose a Personalised Bib as a Gift?

There are many pre-designed bibs in baby stores, but almost every parent owns some of them. Even though one of these pre-designed bibs or a multipack of bibs is not a bad gift, it does lack a little bit of personality.

At East London Printers, you can add personality to bibs by giving it your own custom design. It is a gift that will be treasured forever, even when the child is too old to use it. So, you could see a personalised bib as a functional gift, but also as a memento.

How Should I Personalise Baby Girl Bibs?

When it comes to personalising bibs for baby girls, you have much freedom. Of course, the one thing you must ensure is that you have the right colour. For baby girls, it is recommended to get bibs in colours such as pink, white, or yellow.

To personalise baby girl bibs, you could simply add the name of the baby girl. Alternately, you can also embellish the bib with a nice print; for example, a bib with the baby’s favourite cartoon character. The possibilities are endless!

How Should I Personalise Baby Boy Bibs?

When you want to personalise bibs for baby boys, you can stick to the same principle as with baby girl bibs. Firstly, you must select the right colour for a baby boy. We recommend colours such as white, blue, green, and grey.

Once you have your preferred colour, you could also add the name of the baby boy to the bib. You could also add an image that is preferred for a baby boy; for example, a cool airplane, truck, car, or even the favourite cartoon character of the baby.

Are There Limitations on Custom Bibs for Babies?

Some printers limit your options when it comes to creating custom bibs for babies, but at East London Printers, we give our customers complete freedom for their bib design. We even have a team of experts at hand who could help you create the perfect bib, so you can give your present with confidence!

Can I Get Christmas Bibs for Babies at East London Printers?

Customised bibs are not only used for births, baby showers, and first birthdays, because there are also customised bibs that could be gifted during the holiday season. Of course, when you choose a personalised bib as a Christmas present, you must make sure that bib has a Christmas-themed design.

To personalise a bib during the Christmas period, it is usually best to choose a base colour that fits the holiday season; this includes white and red. Once you have the base colour, you can add a fun image or some text to the big. You could add a fun image of Santa, or some reindeer. You could even add an image of a Christmas tree and presents on the bib, which is bound to leave a true Christmassy feel.

How Should I Customise a 1st Birthday Bib?

Customers have loads of freedom when it comes to the 1st birthday bib, since there are many creative ideas you could use for it. One popular idea is adding a big number 1 on the bib, with the name of the baby underneath. Of course, these are not your only options.

Another popular image to put on a 1st birthday bib is a birthday cake, followed by the text “My First Birthday”. You could also choose the text “Happy 1st Birthday [baby name]”; this ensures your beautiful gift will be treasured forever.

Can I Get Personalised UK Baby Bibs at East London Printers?

Are the parents of the baby quite patriotic, and do you want to gift a bib that represents that? No problem, because East London Printers is the biggest provider of personalised UK baby bibs.

For a patriotic custom baby bib, we recommend adding something that is typical for the United Kingdom; this could include our flag, but also the red London bus, or even the Dr. Who Tardis. You can think outside the box with this one!

How Do I Create the Design for Custom Baby Bibs?

Even though East London Printers provides you with all the tools needed to create custom baby bibs, nothing is stopping you from creating your own unique design! Of course, you do not have to be an artist to get the design you want, because there are numerous resources online where you could get some ideas.

To get some design ideas for custom baby bibs, simply enter baby bib designs on Google and check out some of the options. Head over to the images section on Google and see if there is any image you would like us to print on a bib. It is that simple!

Of course, if you are quite artistically inclined, you can always create the design of the bib yourself. There is a lot of free software available for graphic design, so be sure to take full advantage of it if you would like to create the design yourself!

Can East London Printers Help Me Design a Customised Bib?

Do you have many ideas for customised bibs, but no ideas how to put those ideas on paper? Or do you have a design in mind already, but don’t have the tools to create that design? No need to worry, because East London Printers can help you put your vision onto any bib!

To get help from our expert team, simply contact East London Printers via telephone today. Alternatively, you can also email us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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