Embroidered Fleeces / Printed Fleece Jackets

Embroidered Fleeces / Printed Fleece Jackets

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Embroidered Fleeces from only £12.99 when you buy 10 or more.


SN102 Ashville zip neck fleeceFrom 

 Manufacturer Code: TRF567

½ zip fleece
Adjustable shockcord at hem
Contrast collar

240 series symmetry microfleece


XS , S , M , L , XL , 2XL , 3XL (35/36″, 37/38″ 39/40″, 41/42″, 43/44″, 46/48″, 49/51″)

Embroidered Fleeces

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Embroidered Fleece

Fleece is a great material for  keeping warm in cold period. It protects you from the harsh weather and from

and at the same time allowing for free body movement. If you are working

outdoors in the cold season then fleece is the way to go. Fleece is very popular with people who engage frequently in

outdoor activities,  We also stock fleece and jackets for many applications including sports and Workwear.

The best look for fleeces is Embroidery as the end result is a smart look . Embroidered garments are favorite items for winter clothing because of their ability to keep


Embroidered company fleeces are ideal as promotional products enabling you to stay noticed.

You can use embroidered fleece for your school’s uniform. The range of school uniform

embroidered products includes sweatshirts, polo shirts, and t shirts. You can also get

embroidered work on sports clothing.

Today, technology has advanced to such levels as to take over tasks previously carried out by

human beings. Robotic machines are now used in embroidery factories to sew at extremely high

speeds and with precise accuracy making for outcomes that are exquisite. Embroidery companies

charge a one-time digitizing setup fee. This process involves converting the target image into a

format that can be read by the robotic machinery. This makes the cost of small orders higher than

for larger volumes of the same product

Custom embroidery is a favorite amongst small and large businesses alike. The main reason for

its popularity is in the fact that it has it has a professional look on casual wear, suits, robes and

aprons. Embroidery is also done on company and personal items such as suit coats, shirts,

dresses, towels, bags and many other items.

Advantages of Custom Embroidery

1. Has a professional appearance

2. Is worked on diverse types of materials including fleece

3. It lasts longer than silk screen paint

4. Is laundered in the same conditions as the fleece garment that it is on

5. Comes in a wide variety of colors

Fleece as Merchandise for Promotion

The embroidered fleece quality is what makes it stand out as a great promotional item. The high

quality of the fleece along with the durable finish of the embroidery results in such desirable

goods that some companies sell their branded fleece to generate profits.

Another item that makes for an exceptional promotional product is the embroidered fleece vest.

The vest is popular amongst athletes. It allows for free movement of the arms while providing

comfort and style. Fleece provides for warmth while simultaneously allowing movement.

Besides the fleece items mentioned above, there are several other items that are available and

which you can use as promotional items. These include fitted lady’s wear, unisex jackets among

others. In addition, you can opt for micro fleece, a thinner version of the normal fleece but which

offers the same benefits.

In conclusion, with the numerous variations and combinations of fleece items, you will not be at

a loss on selecting on the one that best suit your promotional needs or just for casual wear

purposes. An item of embroidered fleece will make a memorable and unique business gift to

your clientele and staff.

SN102 Ashville zip neck fleece

embroidered fleeces workwear,

 embroidered t shirts

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adwear embroidered