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Custom hoodies
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Custom Hoodies

Make A Fashion Statement With Your very own custom hoodies  With A Printed Logo

If there is a clothing item that took the fashion world by storm, it was the hoodie. Also known as a

hooded sweatshirt, it has become a part of almost everyone’s wardrobe. It started off as workout wear

and after being made famous by various designers, musicians and movie stars; it has become all the


Even though people of every age bracket can wear one, it is a clothing item that has targeted mainly the

younger generation. It is seen as modern and urban clothing and the trend has been taken up by

various musicians, especially rappers. This has made them ideal for special events especially those that

have to do with music such as concerts. However, they are worn even to other events.

A hooded sweatshirt can be used as a promotional item for special events. You would need to select the

colors that you feel represent you well, have a design made and include your logo as well. Some people

prefer to keep it simple and will only have the logo in place. Depending on the event, either one can

work just fine.

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 Custom Hoodie No Minimums

There is no minimum quantity we can print 1 or 10000 its up to you,

In order to get a customized hoodie that will appeal to the people who will be attending your event, it is best to

know your target audience. This will also inform the design of your hooded sweatshirt. A younger

crowd will look for a design that is unique and that will give them a sense of style as well. It needs to be

something that they can wear to the event and still feel proud to wear after the event has passed.

Because custom hoodies are popular with both males and females, you want to be gender sensitive as you

select your designs. Consider the female frame and the male frame and ensure that the hooded

sweatshirt fits each gender perfectly. Another consideration will be in the colors you select. Feminine

colors for the females will be ideal while more masculine ones for the guys will be great. Women are

looking to find clothes that fit right and accentuate their figure so the hooded sweatshirts you select for

your events should consider this.


Colleges usually have a variety of events happening throughout the year. Whatever the special event

may be, a hooded sweatshirt with the college logo on it is an ideal item to have custom made. The

theme of the event along with other graphics that you would like to have on it can easily be printed onto

the hoodie and just like that, you will have a great item that college students will not just be proud to

look at, but to purchase and wear long after the event has passed.

Depending on the design you select, the hooded sweatshirt can either be screen printed or digital

printed. Either way, the end result will be fantastic and the logo will stand out. As the weather changes

and becomes cooler, most people will be looking to find quality hooded sweatshirts that they can layer

up in or just wear to go outside. Having one with your logo on it is a great idea.


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