Screen Printing Process

screen printing


Screen printing is great for Bulk runs, it has a great feel and is very durable.

Screen printing has some initial setup costs which you would have to consider if you want to design your own t shirt.

and if you were doing smaller runs, There is also a minimum print charge for print runs below 10 units.

Screen printing is very common in the  sports, Martial arts and music industry,

Making it a preferred choice especially where band merchandise is concerned.

Screen printing has initial screen setup charges and a minimum order of 10 – 20 pieces depending on the design and amount of colours. However with screen print there is better volume discounts available making it the preferred choice for bigger runs.

The process:

We take your artwork and create negatives ( Films ) on transparent paper, Similar to overhead projector paper.  The colours are separated and the layers are put onto a screen for each colour,  Next The design is set up on a carousel ( T shirt printing machine ) And then registered so that all of the separate colours are aligned and ready to print,Next the inks are loaded into the screens and pushed through the mesh using a squeegee.

Once the ink is on the shirt it is then removed and put onto a dryer where is  is heated to 17o degrees for approx. 3 minutes and cured read to be worn immediately.


When it comes to screen printing , There are many types of inks available the 2 most popular are Plastisol and water base inks.

Plastisol inks have a more ink look and waterbase is more embedded into the material giving it a softer feel.