Bring Your Brand to Life ( 6 Printed Logo Techniques )


Bring Your Brand to Life with These 6 Printed Logo Techniques

From t-shirts with printed logos,and hats to bags and vehicles, printed logos offer a range of creative opportunities for businesses to showcase their brand.

With these simple tips, you can quickly design and print logos that make a lasting impact.


Embroidery is one of the most popular techniques for creating printed logos.

It produces a detailed, professional-looking finish and is perfect for printing logos onto apparel or bags.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to showcase your brand, embroidered patches and badges are an excellent choice because they can easily be attached to almost any type of garment.

Printed Vinyl / Laser Cutting.

Laser cutting is another popular technique for creating printed logos.

It produces a crisp and accurate finish, allowing you to accurately create shapes and lines when printing your logo.

This method has the advantage of being extremely easy to use, and it’s also cost-effective.

Laser cutting is perfect for creating intricate designs that can be difficult to produce with traditional embroidery or screen printing methods.

Silk Screen Printing.

Silk screen printing is a classic technique used to print logos onto garments and other materials.

This process involves using a stencil to apply the design onto the fabric and the result is more durable than many other prints.

It’s also well suited to large designs, such as full-length graphic t-shirts. With this technique,

you can easily produce vibrant colours with great detail, making it a popular choice for promotional material.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is an excellent way to quickly and easily create a logo onto almost any material.

The vinyl is cut into individual pieces that can be layered or used one at a time and then applied onto a surface,

such as t-shirts, bags or surfaces like wood or glass.

This method delivers sharp lettering and finely detailed images yet it’s extremely economic compared to other printing methods.