How to start a clothing brand

How to start a clothing brand, 

Our top ten Budget T-shirts for printing in 2021


When choosing the right T-shirt to print on, whether it’s for your brand, company, or merchandise, it can indeed be a challenge as there are many different types of garments available to choose from. There is a vast difference between the many styles and brands. Here are some tips that will help you to decide if the brand that you have chosen works for you? Do let us know if this helps!


Fruit Of The Loom ( Original Tee )

This T-shirt is no doubt the cheapest option, But it is a good fit and look, and also comes in a huge range of colors, it is no doubt a great low-budget tee for one-time wear events and giveaways. The only cons with this T-shirt are it may suffer some shrinkage in a dryer or a high-temperature wash.

Verdict: For short term use as it is not as durable in the wash, 

works well with Screenprint and Vinyl & Transfer printing.


Our weight rating for this T-shirt is Light ( 145gsm ) 



Gildan ( Softstyle Tee )


Gildan Soft Style tees are definitely one of our most popular T-shirts, It has a nice soft feel and a tear away tag for quick sample branding, Being ring-spun cotton it brings the benefits of a really soft feel, and as this T-shirt is fairly priced and targeted at the mid-range budget, it hold holds its reputation for the best value for money. This T-shirt is a great option for those who want to start a brand, Wear smart uniforms at a promotional event. 

Verdict: Washes well, works with DTG, Screenprint, and Vinyl & Transfer printing.


Our weight rating for this T-shirt is Medium ( 180gsm ) 

Gildan ( Heavy cotton Tee )

The heavy cotton Tee is our “go-to” for industrial customers that need a more heavy-duty style of T-shirt.

This Shirt It is frequently chosen by work professionals, such as outdoor and even retail sectors where the need for more frequent daily washing is required. 

Good round Tee: Good for both uniforms and merch 

Our weight rating for this T-shirt is Heavy ( 185gsm ) 


Gildan ( Ultra Cotton Tee )

Lastly, If you are looking for a top-notch T-shirt for the price, then look no further.

 Although this T-shirt is a more premium side option than all of the above, If you are looking for a top-quality and very durable T-shirt, this ultra cotton tee is the way to go. 


In comparison to the lower-priced options, Ultra cotton works wonders when it comes to providing a good print surface for your designs.

 There is also a significantly noticeable difference in print quality when using this T-shirt with DTG prints ( Direct to garment ) This Tee has a heavyweight feel and quality finish.