Company Uniform Embroidery & Logo Print



Everything You Need to Know About Embroidery For Workwear

Looking to add a professional touch to your employees’ uniforms? Embroidery – the art of stitching decorative designs on fabric – is a popular way to customize workwear with company logos and branding. Learn how you can incorporate embroidery into your business uniform here.

Understand Your Business’s Embroidery Needs.

Before you start your embroidery project, it’s important to take time to understand what your business needs. Consider the size of the design you need – like a corporate logo – and decide which locations work best on your clothing. Think also about the right color threads for the uniforms and have a plan in place for care instructions. Ensuring that all elements are in place will help ensure the quality of your finished product.

Choose the Best Embroidery Technique for Your Design.

Before beginning your embroidery project, it’s important to research the various approaches and determine which will work best for your design. Techniques like applique embroidery, Chenille embroidery and damask stitching offer different benefits depending on the demands of your design. Additionally, the software can be used to accurately recreate a design onto fabric using a computerized sewing machine rather than traditional hand-stitching. Decide which method is right for you.

Pick Stitching Patterns & Thread Colors for Your Design.

Take into account your company colors, the intended workwear material, and how detailed the design is when selecting the thread colors for the stitching. If you’re creating a simple logo design or monogram and are using quilting cotton fabric, you’ll likely want to go with matching thread to blend in with the garment. For something more elaborate, contrasting colors add dimension and make intricate details stand out. Consider using multiple shades within a single color family to add depth and subtle distinctions between clusters of stitches.

Select a Quality Machine to Get Professional Results.

Quality embroidery machines are a worthwhile investment as they offer higher-than-average stitch quality and economical consumable prices. Be sure to read reviews and compare specifications, so you find a reliable machine that offers long-term value. Professional grade machines have several features like adjustable speeds, multiple spindle heads, included software and automated threading that help to increase efficiency and accuracy while stitching!