Custom embroidered varsity jackets and embroidery shirts in East London

Embroidery, as opposed to printing, is a prefered method of application for many companies. While prints are a quick and easy task, many prefer embroidering company garments as it evokes an elegant, classic and timeless look.

Embroidery can be applied on all types of garments and is highly popular with polo shirts, custom varsity jackets, and hats. Custom embroidery can also entail as many colours as a printed design.

Personalised embroideries are applied straight on the garment, but can also be stitched on a patch that is later stitched to the t-shirt, jacket or hat. Another way is to have the lettering cut out from a piece of cloth and then stitched on the garment, however that method creates a completely different look and feel.

custom shirt embroidery by East London Printers

Custom embroidered polo shirt for Blinds4Less by East London Printers

And here is the finished polo shirt.

polo shirt embroidery by East London Printers

The classic design for a custom stitched logo on a t-shirt or jacket like on this design we just did for Fighters Block’s personalised varsity jackets.

varsity jacket custom embroidery by East London Printers

Custom embroidered varsity jacket for Fighters Block by East London Printers

The texture of the stitching gives the logo a 3D design that stands out on the jacket, yet remains a subtle hint and serves as a reminder of the brand.

The benefit that stands out most to customers when choosing in between embroidery and printing, is that stitched work can be washed at any temperature without any fear of damaging the work. It is quite suitable for clothes that will need regular washing and will outlive the garment, such as active wear.

If you want to have a company logo embroidered on polo shirts, jackets, hats or anything else, the process here at East London Printers is quite easy.

You will need a file of your logo which we will then get digitised and uploaded to the stitching machine. From that point on it’s a matter of minutes for the stitching to be completed.

The pricing for embroidered company logo on garments also depends on the complexity of the logo, ie how many stitches it would need; how many colours it entails and the size of the embroidery.

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