Starting a Clothing Line

Starting a Clothing Line

Think of a name and logo/design for your brand

When starting a clothing line, Every brand needs a name for itself. The name you choose should be unique and permanent as changing it regularly will create a sense of inconsistency for your brand.  Some clothing lines will have a logo that represents who they are – others just use their actual name as the logo for their brand.

When choosing the design for each item of clothing; it is good to consider if each garment will have the same design (but just different colours) or if there will be a variety to choose from.

Design clothes

Decide what garments you will use and the best print method you will use. 

As you start your clothing line it might be ideal to begin with just selling Tshirts, then as it grows you may think to supply a wider variety such as: hats, hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, shorts etc.

The most popular printing methods used when having a clothing line is screen print, as it is more cost effective and produce a bulk amount of print for cheaper. Depending on your preference, digital print might be the look you are going for. Embroidery is another option to have on your garments which will create a professional look for your brand.

Clothing business

 Promote your brand

For your brand to become known it has to be promoted across various digital platforms via social media and websites. Building relationships with people who will bring attention to your brand will increase its awareness and help it grow. This will enable more of your specific audience to be reached, meaning more customers for your business.

Take orders

Make sure orders are taken correctly and sent out as fast as possible. The faster the customer receives it, the happier they will be.


Be open to feedback

There will always be good and bad feedback from people outside your business, but it is beneficial either way to learn from and improve your clothing line.

Remain consistent

It is important to always keep up to date with the popular trends. Managing a clothing line will require you to be ahead of the game against your competitors. Researching new and upcoming fashion that is soon to be popular can help you create more ideas for your clothing line. Having regular website and social media updates is essential for customers so they are aware if any stock has ran out or any new pieces are coming for different seasons.



Starting a clothing Line

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