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Silk Screen Printing

Silk Printing / Silk Screen Printing: on Fabric

Silk screen printing

We offer a fast Silk Screen printing service .

We have over 10 years experience in silk screen printing where we have provided an excellent service to many companies and have received positive feedback from them.

We print onto all types of fabric including:

Workwear, Promotional Products, Band Merchandise, T shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, and much more. We ensure that we will give you the professional quality that you require; whether it is for your company or a special event you have planned.

The Silk Screen Printing Process:

A screen made of silk mesh is stretched over a wooden frame

a design stencil is then glued to the frame

the garment is then placed under the the screen

Silk screen Printing the ink is then pressed on the screen through the stencil with a a rubber blade, known as a squeegee. the ink will then go through the design on the screen and appear onto the garment.

Types of ink used:

Silk Printing with Plastisol inks

Plastisol inks can remain in the screen for long periods of time without clogging the mesh

Can print wet-on-wet which makes production much faster

Comes in different levels of thickness. from transparent to very opaque

Doesn’t “dry out”

Can be printed onto light and dark fabrics

Silk Printing with Water based inks

Silk Printing Penetrates into the garment so you don’t feel the ink on the surface.

Mostly done on large prints that has a large drying capability