Why DTG Printing is the best option for your clothing brand


DTG Printer / Direct-to-Garment (DTG)

 Using our DTG Printer is the process where a garment is loaded into an actual printing machine and the inks are printed onto the t shirt ( similar to printing onto paper on a desktop printer)


Our print team will always help you choose the best possible print process for your job. As a result we will help you to cut your costs without compromising the print quality.

The advantages of DTG Printing

– Great for order fulfilment, Faster to produce with great quality

– Unlimited Colours / no screen setup costs

– Designs with fine detail and no backgrounds are easy to print.

– Can also be used to create photos and jobs with a lot of colours and detail.

dtg Printer

The Disadvantages of DTG printing:

– The main disadvantages is the DTG Can only be done on 100% cotton garments ,

the more cotton based the better, 80% Cotton and 20% polyester garments are also allowed , Preferably ring spun cotton T shirts.

–With DTG printing all of the garments must be pre treated and some garments will may not take well to this process which is why your garment may need to withstand a test before proceeding. However we do sell trailed and tested garments which work great.

– Colour matching may not be as accurate as screen printing, especially with matching pan tone numbers.

– Also your lead time would have to be sufficient as DTG printing is not as fast as silk screen printing, The average DTG print time to bring 1 t shirt is around 5 minutes for a white t shirt and 8 minutes for a Dark colour T shirt as white ink has to be printed under your design first.

If you need to start a clothing line or brand why not get in touch with a member of our team, We are based in London so local pick up is an option.