Cute embroidery design for baby bibs and onesies



Looking for a cute embroidery design for your little ones or for a present? We have a great collection of bibs and onesies that can be personalised with cute embroideries that will outlast the frequent washing.

Customising your own baby bib or onesie is fast and easy. Firstly, choose a base colour you like – our range of bibs includes shades in baby blue, white, pastel yellow, and baby pink.

Yellow bib with embroidery | east London Printers Baby blue bib with embroidery | East London Printers Baby pink bib with embroidery | East London Printers

Secondly, upload your cute embroidery and you’re all set to go. here are a few of our bestselling baby embroidery designs that make perfect presents for newborns, Christmas presents, and even Halloween treats!

My first birthday embroidered bibs – colour variations available



Cute embroidery designs for bibs and onesies


This would make the perfect gift idea for a newborn baby, Why not make a uniquely personalised bib for that special baby boy or girl

for xmas or a newborn gift for a loved little one.


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