Ordering Quantitys

Custom T-shirt printing no minimum order

We can supply and print you a one-off T-shirt in 24 hours!

No minimum orders ( 1 or 1000 )

Q & As

 Do you have any prerequisites in regards to the file format for the printing?
Any high res file with a minimum of 300dpi, Preferable .eps, Pdf, png files, and jpegs
– Is there a minimum order amount or do you have to purchase in bulk?
No, you can print 1 or 1000+
– Could you offer a rough pricing list at all, please?
Please visit our online store where you can upload your design and customize your T-shirt online.
– Could you advise on the sizes you are able to print on?
For sublimation A4 Size ( 20x 30cm )
– Do you have a stock list of what you are able to print on, as I can see T-Shirts and Vests but was wondering if Sweatshirts/Bags etc are available too?
Yes they are  we also have a catalog on our website