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Terms of sale / Returns Policy / Supplying your own garments.

What is your returns policy?

No returns will be accepted without a Return Authorisation.All goods must be returned in new condition and original packaging. Please inspect your merchandise on arrival,We cannot accept returns on decorated or washed or used garments under any circumstances. Defective merchandise must have tape placed over flaw before returning and we will happily refund or exchange the item..

Returns due to customer error will be subject to a restocking fee of 20%. All refused deliveries are subject to a 15% restocking fee in addition to transportation charges. All claims for shortages, damages, etc. must be made within 72 hours of receipt of merchandise. No goods will be accepted after 7 days from the date of delivery. , it is the responsibility of the buyer to verify accuracy of style, colour, size and quantity with the consignee prior to printing. East london printers will not be responsible for discrepancies on orders received by parties other than the invoiced customer.

Supplying us with your own garments for printing:

All of the garments that we supply from our catalogue are print and embroidery ready.

If you chose to supply us with your own garments you do so at your own risk!

it is your responsibility to check with your manufacturer that your garment is compatible for printing and embroidery and we cannot be made liable for damages to your garment/sin the print stage as a  10% wastage must be allowed in the event  process .

We do advise you when we suspect that your garment will not work , But in some cases it is impossible for us to tell that your garment is not heat resistant until we try a few.

East London Printers cannot be liable for damages  if you bring in your own garments

1. Make sure that your garments are unpackaged and flat (no creases or seems)
2. For screen printing , Your garments must not have an inner lining and be 1 layer only
3. it is your responsibility to check that your garment is compatible for printing and can take the heat required for printing

4. Your garments must be heat resistant and be able to withstand 170 degrees.

Supply us with spares

We ask that you supplies with 1 to 5 extra garments
(depending on the size of your job) as spares for the job. up to 5% more if your design is complex.


It is the customers responsibility to check any mockups that we provide and make sure the positioning and spelling is correct before making your payment.

East london Printers cannot be made liable for damages due to errors in the event that a customer pays for a quote before correcting errors in the mockup

By making your payment you are confirming that your mockup is correct and that you are happy to proceed as the mockup is shown.

Losses or damages to your garments when you supply:

The garments we supply are suitable for printing and in the event of a misprint we will replace any viable defects.

Please note that if you choose to use your own garments for printing , East london Printers cannot be made liable or refund any costs for any losses or damages that should incur in the event of a mis printed or damaged garment ,
We will however use our discretion to replace your garment with our nearest match ( Our discretion on this is final )

Delivery Times:

Lead time is usually 5-7 Working Days

Rush orders / Express  / Same day service:

Without extra charge our normal lead time is 5 to 7 working days, Please note that Same day and rush orders are a premium service and we  charge up from 30% to 50% more  depending on the urgency and what we have on at the time,

It is advisable that you place your order as soon as possible, So that we can offer you the best possible service for your lead time.


Although UPS offer a next day delivery service which is 95% reliable for most of the time, We do not advise using UPS as a next day delivery option.

  If your delivery deadline is shorter than 72 hours, We strongly advise that you arrange your own collection from our shop or ask us to give you a quote for delivery via same day car on the day.

Customers that use UPS for rush orders do so at their own risk and we cannot be made liable for any UPS deliveries that arrive late as a result.

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